Solar Panel Cleaning

Expert Service

Solar panels are a great asset to any property. However, when neglected they can lose efficiency and become an eye sore if not routinely cleaned. 

Our methods:

we will apply pure water to your solar panels we use an extendable reach and wash water fed pole with a soft bristle cleaning brush on the end. Pure water is pumped up the pole and out through the brush head.

Purified, or pure water has been mechanically filtered or processed to remove contaminants and impurities to make it suitable for industrial use. We use pure water to clean your solar panels because it is proven to be the best method of cleaning.

Pure water is constantly trying to return to its natural impure state, which means in simple terms that it wants to be dirty again! So when applied to your solar panels it attracts dirt, grime and other deposits like a magnet, leaving the panels nice and clean.

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